Anthony Barcelo's passion for photography began at UCLA when he purchased his first DSLR. Anthony began photographing his friends in fashionable narratives (However, they might disagree about the fashionable element...A large dump truck can make for a chic backdrop?). He kept experimenting with photographic styles and lighting, both still and moving subjects.

After graduating, Anthony joined a real estate firm where he experimented in real estate photography for a colleague. This small test opened the doors to tremendous opportunity in architectural photography. Over the past couple years, he has had the opportunity to capture some of Los Angeles' most beautiful & luxurious homes. Most recently, Anthony had the opportunity to capture a stunning Modern Estate in Beverly Hills asking $20 Million. The next day, he captured a small condo just three miles away... The diversity of his business keeps every day refreshing.

Each home has a unique story to tell. After all, home is where memories are formed and emotions are collected. When he captures a home, Anthony keeps these ideas at the forefront of his mind. His goal is to capture the essence of each home.

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Anthony Barcelo